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Nano Satellites

Microspace has developed several nanosatellites in our laboratory in order to demonstrate our proprietary technologies.
We have launched our satellite POPSAT-HIP1 in Low Eearth Sun Synchronous Orbit on 19th June 2014 from Yasni (Russia) and it has performed demonstrations of our Micropropulsion System until complete use of the propellant as planned over a 9 month mission.
Our satellite ATHENOXAT-1 has been launched in LEO Equatorial orbit on 16th December 2015 from Sriharikota (India). It has performed its primary mission objective of High Resoution Night Vision Imaging and has taken also many beautiful wide angle images and is still in operation.

Aerospace Technologies

We started Microspace specifically to enable the smallest satellites with the same performances of the biggest, the first problem to solve was the propulsion.
We created the smallest possible thrusters in the world, micromachined in silicon with a throat of few micronmeters, all together smaller than a mosquito with a thrust of 1 mN fully controllable in intensity and time and with the highest possible efficiency in its class !
We also developed optical systems, attitude controls, power systems and the complete satellites.


Our satellite ATHENOXAT-1 is the smallest satellite with the most sensitive and high resolution optical system, entirely developed in house.

Sensing and Control Systems

Accurate pointing of an imaging satellite requires sensors, actuators and control algorithms. We have developed all those in house and demonstrated in orbit with our satellites.


Years of Experience

over 100

Projects Done

over 10

Satellites Studied or Developed

more than 7

Years in Orbit

Microspace solves impossible problems

... for example 5 optical payloads in a 3U cubesat, one of which is a high resolution, night vision, completely new system, made in house along with new reaction wheels, control software, etc... in few months. Done.

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