We create space technologies, satellites and full missions from scratch to orbit

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Mission Feasibility Studies

We take any first idea or concept to its practical and feasible embodiement with minimal initial cost. We sketch several solutions and discuss them with our partners and clients to find what best satisfies the mission requirements.


We define the detailed requirements and we evaluate the effort from start to end, all inclusive, to reach orbit with a succesful mission and to deliver valuable results to the final users.

Technologies Research

Our specialty is to create new technologies to cover any gap or to lower costs by orders of magnitude. We have pioneered satellites miniaturization to ensure they can perform as well as or better than much larger ones.

Satellites Development

We define the architecture, design, build and test satellites in house. When needed we select the best Off-the-Shelf components, otherwise we custom build every part, circuit, algorithm and code. We accompany them to the launch and perform the in-orbit commissioning and operations.

Satellites Launches

We arrange the launch, including all licensing and contractual obligations. We perform the last checks on the satellites at the launch site and put them on the rocket.

Satellites Operations

We contact the satellites at each pass over our ground station, check the health and telecommand experiments and mission operations. We mantain the satellites by updating their software and we can correct the orbit if necessary to avoid any possible collision or to optimize the mission performances.

Microspace does creative engineering in Space and on Earth.

We analyze any problem from its first principles, propose novel solutions and demonstrate it by means of prototypes until we have a fully functional final product.

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First Step

From the idea of the mission we define what subsystems and components are necessary so that the envelopes and budgets are very clearly stated from the beginning.


Second Step

Every subsystem, element and components is represented by its most appropriate model or simulation. Preliminary and Critical Designs Milestones define the satellite in every detail.


Third Step

Every part or subsystem is built, assembled and tested before being put in to its next level. Any problem is clearly identified and corrected for the final production.

In Space

Fourth Step

We manage the satellite mission, experiments, functionalities from our ground station. We download the results, images, data and process them for the final user.

Our next Mission could be yours

From the simplest application or device up to a complete mission based on spacecraft constellations we can work together to make it happen.

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We select the best configuration of lenses, mirrors, filters, sensor, baffles and every other element necessary for the imaging of your mission. Image processing software included.

Attitude Control

Our Microthrusters, Reaction Wheels and Magnetorquers can provide attitude control and orbital maneuvering using any set of sensors and our own control algorithms.

Mechanical Structures

We have developed and qualified a double-coque metal frame that is simple, strong and rigid and allows for easy assembling the satellites.


Our PV panels are made in house, double sided, deployable and multifunction can easily provide 30W for a 3U cubesat or 100W for a 6U. Other higher power configurations are possible if needed.


We adopt the latest transceiver available on the market but we design our own antennas for the most efficient use of satellite structures and surfaces.


We are very familiar with international regulations and can obtain the necessary licenses for the mission.

Ready To Fly ?

If you have a wish for a Space Mission we can bring you along from its conception up to the point your idea is ready to fly.

Once your Mission is ready to fly we can accompany your satellites until they are orbiting and succesfully producing the results you have dreamed of.

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