Our Applications Offer

Microspace creates unique value

On Demand Earth Observation

The smallest satellites with the best imaging resolution, deployed in maneuverable constellations with variable altitude and real time targeting.

Endless Orbital Maneuvering

An exclusive propulsion device for limitless maneauverability for cruising at extremely low altitudes.

Private Inter-Earth-Orbital Quantum Communications

Mixed optical links and high gain antennas for extra security in private communications between any two points from the surface of Earth to Mars orbit.

Asteroids Prospection and Retrival

Nanospacecraft with spectral imaging, landing sensors and interplanetary communications for best asteroid selection and solar sailing of asteroid material back to Earth.

Custom Instruments and Subsystems

Study, design and development of laboratory equipment, sensors and control systems for robotic missions in Space and on Earth, including AI processing software.

Custom Spacecrafts and Robots

Design, development, launch and operations of any robotic vehicle, on Earth and in Space according to your specifications.