Our Technologies

Microspace creates novelty


Our first in the world, micromachined microthrusters embedded in modular miniaturized modules that can be arranged in any corner of a nanosatellite for attitude control, formation flight, small orbital corrections, debris avoidance and even de-orbiting.

Propellantless Propulsion

Microspace's most advanced propulsion offer, at the other extreme of the range, enabling permanent orbiting at almost any altitude.


Let's admit, without an imaging payload... who would care to put a satellite in space ? We created the most sensitive, high resolution and smallest optical payload for nanosatellites years ahead of anybody else. Our Athenoxat is still the only night vision 3U cubesat in orbit... and is operational in her 7th year in orbit !


Well... who would care to put a satellite in space without an optical payload ? The one who has a powerful communication system... and here is our reflectarray antenna: over 20dB gain, X-Band, dual polarization, 2 deg 3dB aperture... a must have if you go to the Moon or Mars and beyond with a nanosat !

Micropower Turbogenerators

Ok, let's be honest... maybe somebody else has some kind of microthrusters... somebody may have some fancy antenna, someone even has great optical systems... but nobody has all of them and certainly nobody has even a clue of what a microturbine for micropower generation is. Well, we make and have all of them !

Photovoltaic Panels

And where do we get the power to run all those magics ? Of course we make in house our solar panels and they have been nicely working in space for over 6 years !