16 December 2017
Athenoxat celebrates 2 years of successful and continuous operations in space: wishing her 100000 of those great orbits !
14 October 2017
Athenoxat passed 666 days of nice job in orbit on Friday 13th October... no ghosts affected her, so we decided to celebrate with a new video of Asean images on the sounds of the Island of Devils !
8 October 2017
Athenoxat and POPSAT are featured on the Singapore Chinese newspaper with 2 beautiful pictures of Singapore by night and Malaysia-Sumatra made by Athenoxat
8 August 2017
Athenoxat is 600 days succesfully operating in Orbit ! we made a short celebration video with some interesting view Athenoxat saw from Space.
16 June 2017
Athenoxat is 1 and half year succesfully operating in Orbit ! The two Microspace's Nanosatellite have cumulated over 2 years of successful orbital operations with thousands of micropropulsion and remote sensing experiments !!!
22,23 April 2017
Microspace was present at the HAM fair in Pordenone-Italy, in the stand of IQ3TS the HAM group of Trieste, gave a public presentation of our nanosatellites to a small audience of specialists and old friends !
21 April 2017
Giulio 9V1FC-IV3DTB gave a 2 hours talk to 300 students of his Alma Mater High School "A.Volta" inspiring the young generations on the art of nanosatellites making and radio amateur activities.
16th December, 2016
Athenoxat enjoyed 2 nice events for her Birthday, at Singapore Science Center and at IMDA. About 50 guests attended each event, including representatives of the Italian Embassy, Maritime and Satellite Industries, Friends and Family and we all toasted with Bottega Prosecco sponsored by Giorgio Ferrari Food+Wine.
November 20th, 2016
Microspace is featured on SV Insighter (
November 7th, 2016
Microspace is featured on DealStreetAsia (
We had a great presentation at the European Space Agency for the mission of POPSAT and for the review of all R&D steps that led to our successful 3U cubesat equipped with our proprietary micropropulsion system during the Micro-Nano Technology Round Table ( (please write to to get a copy) 8/11 - 11/11.
Microspace had a very nice booth at the European Space Agency "Industry Space Days 2016" (
August 2016
Microspace presenting Athenoxat results at Smallsat 2016 conference in Logan-UT (please write to to get a copy)
Athenoxat-1, the second satellite of Microspace, a 3U cubesat with 5 optical payloads and high resolution night vision is healthy in space after launch on PSLV from Sriharikota (India)
August 2015
Microspace presenting POPSAT results at Smallsat 2015 conference in Logan-UT
19 June 2014
POPSAT-HIP1, the first satellite of Microspace, a 3U cubesat equipped with micropropulsion and optical payload is healthy in space after launch on DNEPR from Yasni (Russia).


Knowing others 
        is wisdom; 
Knowing the self 
        is enlightenment. 
Mastering others 
        requires force; 
Mastering the self 
        requires strength; 
He who knows he has 
        enough is rich. 
Perseverance is a sign 
        of will power. 
He who stays where 
        he is endures. 
To die but not to perish 
        is to be eternally present.


We are a team of professionals, each one excelling in its own field and each one motivated to contribute to challenging projects in the most efficient and flexible way; hierarchy is kept to the essential minimum, commitment and responsibility are the highest values we use to infuse our knowledge in the products we create.


    Engineering Software
  • 3D CAD modelling SolidWorks
  • FEM Ansys Multiphysics
  • Optical Maxwell simulations

  • Full Micro Factory Equipment
  • CNC micro milling machine
  • CNC micro turning machine
  • Micro drilling machine
  • PCB litography and etching
  • SMD soldering (European Space Agency qualified)

  • Micro Assembly Area
  • Class 100 Clean assembly area
  • Optical Assembly Microscopes

  • Radio System
  • High Gain UHF/VHF Fixed and Portable Tracking Ground Station

  • Micro Testing Facility
  • Oscilloscopes, Data Analyser, Impedance Analyser, Multimeters
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Solar-Vacuum Simulator
  • Laser displacement meters
  • 10 microN resolution Microbalance
  • ADCS testing frictionless platforms


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