Athenoxat is a 3U Cubesat, less than 6kg mass, with Night Vision capability 25m resolution and Wide Angle and Global day imaging capabilites; reaction wheels and deployable solar panels. Payload, ADCS (Actuators, Sensor system, Algorithm), Structures and deployables (PV, antennas), CDH are fully developed and made in house.
Athenoxat  modelling
Payload modelling


Like every other Microspace project, we started Athenoxat from scratch, first by inventing and demonstrating in the laboratory a new payload that could satisfy the specifications and the constraints of such small satellite, then by designing the whole satellite around it based on our previous experience with POPSAT and by creating all new subsystems accordingly (deployable PV panels, reaction wheels, antennas, interfaces, algorithms, etc...). Testing was done very thoroughly to ensure all subsystems and components were up to the requirements. Eventually the satellite was ready perfectly in time for the launch, including the effort necessary to solve unpredictable last minute difficulties !


The Launch, a modern rite of initiation, represents the passage from the first life of the satellite, comfortably nurtured in our laboratory, to her second and life, alone and almost independent in Space. Athenoxat reached orbit on 16th December 2015, on board a PSLV rocket launched from Sriharikota in India.
Athenoxat launch

Global View

Viewing the whole space around her is one of the special features of Athenoxat. By means of 3 cameras, installed in 3 different perpendicular directions Athenoxat can always tell precisely where the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are, where the other cameras are looking and can give us exciting views of the Earth moving under her.

Day Wide Angle Imaging

Athenoxat has also a Wide Angle imaging payload with about 300m resolution for day vision.
Haze plumes from forest fires over Sumatra


The main optical payload is capable of night imaging with resolution better than 25m. For better understanding, the night images are overlaid and cycled on top of a map from Google and then a day wide angle image is overlaid under the night images.

Night Gallery

A selection of night images on South East Asia, from top left to right and bottom left to right: Malaysia Peninsula, Kuala Selangor (Malaysia), Mojokerto (East Java), Singapore

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