We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel. But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the wheel depends…


Various products are derived one from the other, are linked by functional relationships and contribute to create higher level systems in a global holistic vision.
We create roadmaps to set targets and priorities; sometimes we share such plans with the public for standardization and harmonization purposes such as with the European Space Agency in the field of Micropropulsion.


We explore and innovate in the field of microfluidic devices and MEMS in general, from micropumps with channels as small as an insect hair (2 micronmeters) to micronozzles as small as a human hair (100 micronmeters) but still able to produce supersonic flows to turbines smaller than a little coin and revolving millions of times per minutes.
Micropump fluidic diode
Micropump heater
Micropump chamber
Micropump chip
Etched microturbine
Machined microturbine


Patent pending

By means of our micropropulsion systems is possible to create high performance nanosatellites.

Precise attitude pointing maneuver for nanosatellites

Electric Propulsion

Patent pending

We are developing the evolution of our Cold-Gas micropropulsion system by igniting plasma inside the micronozzle for low thrust range and microrocket for larger thrust range. Propellant consumption is reduced by 10 times, for much longer nanosatellite missions.

Older video available at here

Ignition sequence of micro-plasma-thruster

Cold Gas Propulsion

Cold Gas Micropropulsion systems for cubesats complete with electronic controls.

Technical details and data sheets can be requested by email: office@micro-space.org

Patent pending

Cubesat micropropulsion Micropropulsion electronic control


We create, design and develop nanosatellites with "first-in-the-world" innovative solutions, we launch them, operate and demonstrate our new technologies in Space. POPSAT is the first Cubesat fully equipped with micropropulsion for attitude control and formation flight; it is also the first nanosatellite developed and launched by Singapore.
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